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Healing is possible when we allow the intelligence of life to guide the process. With many modalities to choose from, it is difficult to know "where to begin".  What is important for optimal results? It is not difficult, it does require discipline and a desire to be whole.  If our frame of mind is aligned with this process our outcome will be placing our foot on a new path, a new beginning.  The only reason this would fail is if the choice is not to heal.   


Athena Jezik is a Cranio/Sacral and Lymphatic Drainage therapist with over 23 years experience. 

Learn more about the advanced body work therapies Cranio/Sacral and lymphatic drainage here. 

About Athena:
Read about my own health struggles and how I have conquered dis-ease that was said to be incurable.

Please check out my series of Cranial Sacral and massage secrets here.

I offer private/semi-private tutoring.  For more information please contact me.

Contact me:
If you have questions or comments; or if you would like to make an appointment (no walk-in accepted); please email me at:

Or Call:   512-350-7082

Located near Zilker Park
in Austin, TX.

If you find value in my life's work and wish to help fund the creation of education-based
CST digital videos which will aid in developing skill and providing a deeper understanding of this modality.
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These videos will ultimately empower a greater connection
with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.
Thank you for your support.

A special note:
While this site has a Products for Health page with several excellent items for health and well being, there is a lot more to be known about food and medicine. is our sister site which is largely dedicated to bringing awareness to the every changing world; from food/water/air safety alerts, to health news; vaccine information, and government actions in the realm of what they are doing against our very own bodies. is well worth the visit.


Athena also teaches expanding experience workshops for Cranio/Sacral and Lymphatic drainage.

Workshops are for personal development and training purposes only.

If you would like to know more, please email or call 512-350-7082.

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