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Athena's Journey

Athena Jezik experienced an incurable condition early in her life.  She recovered from that condition, totally reversing it when a doctor explained to her the dangers of the medications she was on.  His alarm was the longevity of the consumption of this medication.  This doctor explained to her that the incurable condition was not going to be the death of her, it would be the medication... he did not know if the body could reverse and come back after the damage done by the prescription. Sending her to a specialist, this doctor told her he could not take her off of medications.  He basically told her to go home and if she lived until age 30 she "should be happy".  That was not what she had in mind for her life.  She found herself faced with her mortality.  The question she was left with was does she go home and die, or does she give something else a chance and do whatever possible to live?  This is an awesome thing to face at the age of 19. 

Free spirited and easily able to go against the norm,
she chose to follow her inner physician and find something else to do.  In the early 70's there was little out there by way of alternative help, so it was even more of a challenge to know what to do.  Fortunately with the Hippie movement that brought back uses of herbs, there were little shops around Eugene, Oregon that had herbs books that were not the usual topics.  As she browsed the shelves in search of something a wonderful book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss literally fell off the shelf and landed by her feet.  She took a look at it and found in there a wealth of information that she was sure would bring her into a state of healing.  This book made a profound difference in her life.

For this to work there was going to be incredible discipline involved. She took year of her life and went into a solitary mode to heal. Weaning herself off the chemical medications, changing her lifestyle to one of ingesting medicinal  herbs, eating  a good diet of organic fruits and vegetables, raw cheeses and milk, grains, local honey, drinking medicinal teas, taking in yoga classes, doing breathing exercises, riding a bicycle places, getting sun, fresh air, spending time in nature, meditating, reading, playing music, and continuing in her ballet training.  She did little socializing as most of her piers were into a party scene, which was not conducive to healing.  After a year of this, she admitted herself into the hospital for a liver biopsy, finding her condition completely gone.  From that point on, she has had a profound understanding not only of the medical system, also of the bodies amazing ability to heal itself. 

Athena was born in Fargo, North Dakota, spent summers in Western North Dakota in the Badlands where her grandparents lived.  She moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from high school there.  She was involved in ballet for over 18 years of her life.  For a short time in the late 70's she taught this artistic expression to children.  She worked with choreography, and developed an effective structural development training course for adults that she taught from the early 1980's through 2003.  Although she had studied massage therapy in the mid 1970's in Eugene, Oregon, her love for the dance outweighed the desire to work in bodywork at that time.  By the mid 1980's she returned to massage therapy, and went back to study bodywork in Austin, Texas. 

She owned and operated the first Bodywork Clinic in the Killeen, Texas area.  Her skills were unsurpassed.  She practiced long hours and had a schedule that was booked 6 months out.  She had regulars that were with her for the entire 17 years she practiced in this area. Her clinic was busy, popular, and during that time had her hands on thousands of people and watched many incredible changes in one's state of being. She chose to close it down and move to Austin, Texas, just 75 miles away to be closer to her son and new grandson who was born 10-21-02. She went into private practice in Austin. 

Although her love for bodywork will never wane, she has involved herself in other functions such as doing a radio show, providing veterans an avenue to find alternative modalitie s, expanding the practice in pediatrics, and educating people to the wonders of total healing.

Athena is a stand for changing the approach of health care services.  Although there may be times for active invasive methods in acute trauma, the use of these methods should become the exception not the norm.  Active invasive therapies carry side effects which are more often harmful in long term ''care''.   Side effects from drugs is rarely considered a problem to most who work in the western model of health practices, as the methods of western medicine simply call for more or different or stronger drugs.  This is a toxic direction to take.  Any of the western methods of treatment or prevention (i.e. vaccine use) are cause toward a deeper fall into dis-ease patterns. 

Medicine in today's culture is not ''health care'' it is ''dis-ease management''.  Passive, non aggressive techniques respect the bodies intelligence.  The body will always move toward its own balance if given structural assistance and nutritional support. The body is able to begin the process of healing when these are met. 

By proper support both structurally, (working with the subtle structures and fluids), and nutritionally, healing can and does occur.  Transformation of dis-ease patterns from dysfunction to restoration is the incredible miracle of Life.  The body is capable of healing itself with help from us by way of nutrition, subtle structural changes, clearing out emotional trauma caught in tissue memory, recognizing how profound our thoughts play a role in this process, and awakening the spirit to consciousness that all is connected. 

When we ''get'' that our bodies are an environment, rather than a mechanical machine with separate parts.    When we ''get'' that our essence is infinite.  We then can grasp the true nature of health, vibrant energy, connected to All and move into a space of Hol(i)ness. 

Athena Jezik is an Advanced Cranio/Sacral Therapist, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, and Detoxification/Nutritional Specialist. She has over 25 years of experience in Bodywork witnessing many miracles.   Her own life's experience being diagnosed with an incurable condition where doctors held no hope for survival to a vibrant, healthy, connected human is a witness onto itself. Through her work the searching for healing and discovery of the incredible potency of transforming what seems to be hopeless into a miracle of life.  This experience played a role in placing her feet on the path of being an advocate for the discovery of our POWER WITHIN.


The training Athena has been focused on has been primarily through the Upledger Institute.  Acknowledgment of the visionaries who have developed, researched, and stood firm in the face of ridicule from their colleagues came hard and forceful to these men.  It has been a privilege to be part of this work as it has developed and been applied as treatment options.  To see these techniques on the edge of becoming woven into the fabric of the culture as an option for health services gives possibility for substantial changes in breaking the aggressive, expensive, and ineffective therapies we are handed. These new ideas of health services are becoming commonplace in the language which is encouraging. 

Dr. John Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.
  Researcher and developed the protocol for Cranio/Sacral Therapy.  Throughout his many years as an osteopathic physician, surgeon and proponent of complementary care, Dr. John E. Upledger's personal dream has always remained the same:  To provide a forum in which individuals could achieve their greatest levels of health, and well-being through compassionate, non-aggressive means.  

Toward this lifelong goal, the nonprofit Upledger Foundation was established in 1987.  This charitable organization provides a spectrum of noteworthy programs for the therapist and client/patient. 

Dr. Bruno Chikly, M.D.
  Research and developed the protocol of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.  Dr. Bruno Chikly is a graduate of the medical school at Saint Antoine Hospital in France, where his internship in general medicine included training in endocrinology, surgery, neurology, and psychiatry. 

He created a school of Manual Lymphatic Therapy in Europe which lead to the creation of the Lymph Drainage Therapy Curriculum in the USA in collaboration with the International Alliance of Health Care Educators (IAHE). 

This work ahas expanded and developed in ways that are exciting. realizing the revolutionary men who have questioned the indoctrinated methods of healing (western model), stepping back from their training of drugs and surgeries, to ask questions shows courage.  The model we are accustom to offers little effect on true restoration of health.  Thankfully some follow a path less traveled. following their heart, and conscience to develop and put forth by training others the methods of healing where the body, its intelligence, and consciousness is honored, will change the landscape of global health.  This mode of thought is revolutionary in itself.

Professional Associations and Memberships.
Member of the Texas Health Freedom Coalition.
Consultant for Citizens Committee for Veteran's Affairs (TX & CA).
Founder and Steering Committee Member of Veteran's Initiative Alliance

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