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Cranio-Sacral Instructional Video & Manual

Athena Jezik has compiled nearly twenty years of Cranio-sacral knowledge and experience into this full color instructional manual and video.  Complete with high definition pictures and thorough directions, these are must haves for any therapist looking to expand their skill level and enter the realm of deep, intrinsic body work.

Includes the skeletal model, the Art of Palpation, the Vault holds, the Fascial system, Diaphragm and Cranio Base Releases, Stilll Points and more.

Own a copy for just $149
Silver Botanicals

Silver Botanicals is focused on developing and providing safe and effective, all-natural alternatives to today’s modern-day, personal and household hygiene products, many of which contain synthetic chemicals that are potentially harmful to our health. Central to our products’ formulation is the use of true-colloidal nanosilver and essential oil blends. True colloidal nanosilver is a safe, non-toxic dispersion of microscopic, metallic silver particles. It is an extremely powerful antimicrobial agent, effective at killing bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus and other microbes. Essential oils are some of the most ancient therapeutic materials known. Many exhibit significant antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and hormone-balancing effects. Silver Botanicals employ both these ingredients synergistically, along with other natural ingredients, to produce extremely effective products. We believe everyone should take responsibility for their health decisions. Choosing natural, time-tested solutions to our daily hygiene needs is an important step in this effort.

Silver Shield Sanitizer

A pleasant blend of essential oils and powerful anti-bacterial colloidal silver make this a great tool to sanitizing counter tops, door handles or any place else bad germs might be lurking.

Only $10.50 for a 12 oz spray bottle.

Silver Tongue Oral Disinfectant

The mouth can be a harbinger of nasty bacteria; it will hide by the gums, causing tooth issues and bad breathe.  The silver tongue oral disinfectant is a safe, natural way to deal with that bacteria to help you have strong healthy teeth and gums; and great breathe for years to come.

Only $11.50 for 16 oz.

Silver Shield Deodorant

Keep nasty odor away while protecting your body from the dangers of inorganic chemicals.  You can get Silver Shield Deodorant as a roll on or spray; and choose from three different blends: Original, Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Skin Floral scent.

Only $7.50 each.
My minerals:

Minerals in the body are paramount to health.

Think of your body as a giant beaker of chemical reactions.  What goes in produces an outcome; and, removing ingredients changes that outcome.
Minerals are our only hope to solving the crisis of nutrient empty food and the auto immune, disease and parasite infections that attack us every day.

My Minerals will:
-Reduce Acidity
-Prevent and Repair Mineral Deficiency
-Prevent Free Radical Damage

Some things are noticeable soon; better hair and nail growth, better energy, better sleep. Many things are not evident that are occurring at the cellular level. Magnesium is necessary for 300 metabolic processes and the activation of several vitamins; such as B-12, B-6 and folic acid.  manufacture of 10 of the 22 amino acids necessary for all protein sequences to take place is something that is very subtle, but necessary.  Skin elasticity is is based on the ratio of collagen to elastin protein construction.  Better skin is evidence of more collagen manufacturing, produced by the magnesium in synergy with B-6 and calcium for moving rna sequences to the cell nucleus and returning new proteins to the cell membrane for distribution out of the cellular protein factories to a repair site.

Order a bottle of My Minerals today!


The power of water.

Flush Toxins and Neutralize Acidity

Read about the amazing Kangen water system and how it can literally help turn your health around.

  • Flush toxins.
  • Disarm Free Radicals.
  • Restore alkalinity.
  • Increases stable oxygen.
  • Enhance delivery of nutrients.
  • Cooking with Alkaline water improves the nutritional value and the taste of food and drinks such as, tea and coffee.
  • It makes acidic foods and drinks more alkaline.

Also, visit CheckoutKangen and kangen1 Schedules for a variety of great information regarding Kangen water.

If you have more question about the Kangen water system; contact Athena at:
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